Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon Extras

First, read the review here. Then take a look at this extra stuff.

This is all the crap that didn't make it in the review. Since there was a lot to say it's completely understandable why some of this didn't make it in. Since people love reading about this stuff I just wanted to make sure to get all my thoughts out in the open.

Alternative Titles for the Article (Which I prefer to the actual title)
Bad Moon Rising
Dark Side of the New Moon (Rachel Scanlon's kickass title)
New Moon; Same Shit (Rachel Scanlon's other kickass title)

Rachel: I did suggest these titles, sadly none of them were chosen.

1. The dumping of Bella/Her being a weak protagonist: Because of the length of the article I couldn't state the full argument. Obviously loosing your soul mate is a big deal. It's devastating. However, Bella never gets over. She never stand up on her own feet. She simply remains a corpse until the next man/monster comes along to save her. Since these books are so influential to young girls, I don't know why she is portrayed as such a weak character. Maybe she's stronger in the books.

2. Lautner's Performance: While I enjoyed his performance I did not state that it was the most charismatic performance of the year. I stated that it was "one of the best" and then gave credit to Chris Pine for his Star Trek performance. However, how I explained all this was done so poorly that it's easy to see why the editor made the change. Just wanted to make sure everyone knew; Lautner won't be getting nominated for anything besides an MTV award.

3.*Spoiler Alert* If any Twilight fans can explain to me...the only way a vampire can commit suicide is by having his head ripped off by a secret society...yet in the next scene we see a vampire get torn to shreds by werewolves. Why didn't Edward skip the whole process of consulting the secret vampire society and just offer himself up to the werewolves?

4. I feel sorry for Bella's father for having to put up with this sad excuse for a daughter. However, that sounded a bit too mean for the review and I'd already felt too much like an elitist snob.

5. This is an excerpt that I just didn't have room for in the review. It's a bit cruel and overall unnecessary however it's kinda funny. "For those of you who don't like Robert Pattison it's fun to picture his career after the Twilight Saga. He will star in a few crappy action movies that will succeed because of the money they can make off his name. After that he will either become washed up, get into porn, or make a glorious comeback on Dancing with the stars."

Finally a look at my amazing photography skills to prove that I actually had to go to the midnight premiere of this thing...

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