Monday, April 5, 2010

Ebert Update

 "In this excerpt from the Archive of American Television’s interview with Roger Ebert, the film critic discusses his philosophy, his working relationship with longtime colleague and sometime rival Gene Siskel, and the origin of the “Two Thumbs Up/Down” review."

Loved that he hints that all ratings are relative and in an ideal critical world, would not be necessary.

  • This video also addresses the following embarrassingly dismissive comment I've been seeing all over Twitter "Rather be an artist than art critic, film-maker than film critic, musician than music critic, church builder than church critic!". I consider Ebert's writing to be it's own form of artistic expression. Many of the great film critics also accomplish this (Sarris, Parker Tyler, Farber, Sontag).
  • As Ebert's Twitter followers will already know, his most invaluable contribution to modern film criticism was: "I taught @scottfilmcritic what Peeps were."

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