Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lights Camera Jackson

This 10 year old might be bringing new meaning to the democratization of film criticism. Such a young age and already putting out enough decent content to be considered a certified critic.

Brought to my attention when Ebert posted "This 10-year-old kid is harder on Clash of the Titans than I was." on his Twitter. LCJ has his own Facebook page and Twitter account that you can follow him on.

LCJ not only writes reviews but also has multiple podcasts that you can listen to (I recommend the Where the Wild Things are episode). He sticks to mostly family movie reviews but offers an interesting insight that I've never really experienced before .

While he isn't fully developed (Giving Wall-E a B and Mall Cop a B+), it's fun to imagine that film criticism has such a young and inspiring writer in their future. It'll be fun to watch him grow as a writer through his website and I hope people check him out.


  1. Mike:

    LCJ is mostly a TV critic. He's seen all over Upstate NY (Syracuse, Albany, Binghamton) each week with his movie reviews. He was also on nationally on "Fox and Friends" right before the Oscars.

    As for his opinions - you can't criticize his take on Wall-e vs. Mall Cop - I enjoyed Blart more, myself. He's coming at these films from a perspective we haven't seen before - a kid breaking-down kid/family films. It's pure and unadulterated.

    And, by the way, according to his website he's 11!

  2. Awesome article, I have to say I agree completely!