Saturday, July 3, 2010

Music Review: Wolf Parade: "Expo 86"

Grade: C
Album released – June 29th

First Ave. Concert – July 18th

Lead singer Spencer Krug sings “It always had to go this way…”

Well, I don’t think this band should keep going “this way”. At just under an hour, this album overstays its welcome and I can’t imagine many besides the biggest fans getting all the way through this more than once or twice. I’ve devoured almost every band coming out of Montreal the last few years but this one always tastes a little funny to me.

I give WP credit for putting out a bit of a more cerebral album, but that doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice their energy. The rusty guitars and fractured keyboards that give this quartet potential are there but then again they have been for the last three albums.

The few moments that I didn’t feel detached from the album were mostly over dramatic and too little too late. The albums opener “Cloud Shadow on the Mountain” is the only track I find myself revisiting but towards the end of the album when this whole thing had run out of gas it was hard not to look back on the track and say “Really? That’s all you’ve got?"

The band does have potential and I’m not ready to write them off yet but they need to try something different at this point. They’re missing that Chemical X that could take them to the next level and without it they’ll never be more than a 2nd rate Franz Ferdinand or Modest Mouse. Since they already have some fairly decent reflective power in their lyrics, they just need to inject a little more passion into their projects and I think they could become an exciting and stylish band.


  1. Canadian rock is so underrated. But Wolf Parade, makes it better.

  2. Awesome stuff, man this is good!